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Ranab (Radio and Navigation Service in Sweden AB) was founded during 2011, but we have many years of experience of both the shipping business and marine electronics behind us.

We therefore know that it is important to provide a personal and competitive service for our customers. As our customer you will get a comprehensive solution where we provide the products, the installation as well as the maintenance afterwards.

We are authorized by the Swedish Maritime Administration to perform annual GMDSS radio surveys as well as surveys after a new installation.

Our office is located in Skärhamn in the archipelago of the swedish westcoast but we offer our services to you where ever it suits you best.

Please contact us for a quotation of prices for the products and the service that you require.


In the autumn of 1980 the nonprofit Association M/S Atene was started and since then enthusiasts worked to renovate and preserve the ship and the traditions around it. Through donations, sponsorships and many hours of unpaid work by young and old, they now have a boat in top condition.

Atene, like viking ships, a vessel designed and built to sail in the North Sea, Skagerrak and Kattegatt and she performs at her best when she is sailing in these relatively protected waters. It is here in the shelter of Norway and Denmark that wind can be fresh but the waves moderate and that you really could feel the power of the sails. Atene was built in 1909 in Svendborg, Denmark. The client wanted a particularly beautiful schooner to thank the old business contacts. At the same time, she should have plenty of cargo space and still be slim and fast.

In the summer the association arranges races for youth and adults. The start and end port is defined, but in between they are sailing with the winds. The races are 1-2 weeks long and there is something for everyone, beginners and advanced sailors. Meet new friends and make memories for life.

Ranab are proud that we can be involved and contribute to preserving the maritime heritage and to support, to us, an important local association.

Read more about the Association M/S Atene on their website www.msatene.com




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