Furuno launches the M-1815, a 8.4″ color LCD radar designed for pleasure crafts and small workboats. The radar has a 49 cm radome with Furuno’s advanced digital technology. This provides a clear and easy to read image under all conditions.

M-1815 has a fast “Target Tracking ™ function” that makes it possible to track up to 10 targets simultaneously. This is unique for a radar in this class. You can also connect an external AIS device that makes it possible to display up to 100 AIS targets in the image.

The waterproof display is ideal for mounting in difficult environments, for example in a small, open boat.

The radar also has Furuno’s popular True Trail Mode that allows other echoes to be shown with true motion in the image.

Another feature is the “True View Mode” that allows an updated picture, even during fast movements and exchange rate changes.

Furuno M-1815

Quick facts

  • Full-automatic control of the gain
  • Compact radome with 4 kW output
  • Low power consumption, not more than 38 W
  • Advanced auto-adjustment of Gain / Sea clutter / Rain clutter
  • Fast”Target Tracking™ (TT) function”
  • AIS display with external AIS, such as the FA 30 and FA 50
  • True Trail function (trails for echoes)
  • True view mode
  • Programmable function keys
  • Adjustable mount, table or ceiling mount

M-1815 AIS Target Tracking

AIS display

When an AIS is connected to the M-1815 display up to 100 AIS targets can be presented in the image. AIS can provide additional information about the surrounding ships including course and speed, destination, call sign, etc., and is thus a good means of navigation.

Target Tracking™ (TT)

The Target Tracking ™ (TT) function allows you to automatically or manually select and monitor up to 10 different targets. When you have selected a target, it takes only a few seconds before the target’s course and speed is presented in form of vectors and digital data.